45 Day Fit Camp

You are Invited to a 45 Day Band Fit Camp

Workout with Resistance Band Training Expert “Dave Schmitz” for 45 Days and Learn by Doing how to Increase YOUR…



-Muscle Definition-

-Dynamic Balance-



… All While Getting YOUR Body Feeling and Moving It’s BEST, Training Anywhere Anytime, following the Proven RBT Method that Exercises Your Body the Way it Was Designed to Work!

Camp Starts June 21st

Registration is Closed for this year's Fit Camp

Sign up through June 17th

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now for only $39.99

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Non-Band Gym Member Price is $69.99

Over the years, and after being a gym rat of doing 8-10 sessions/week your (RBT) programs prove that you can still train optimally with minimum days per week. 

Thank you for your real options to just get a good workout in without having to spend hours in the gym so we can get back to life.

Jaclyn Castro

What a great PURPOSE… helping folks like me be their best so I can do more Good in the World.  Freakin’ awesome!


Thanks, Dave


Pat McNamara

Once again Dave. Thanks for putting an old farm boy back together. Yes it takes work but with your bands I’m back running. Working out. I feel so much better.



Richie K

RBT Fitness Enthusiasts and Fellow Farm Boy

Dear Future Fit Camper,

Since January of 2000, I have been training active adults, like yourself, at my local G’town Band Fitness Camp. During this time I have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training fitness-minded adults using only continuously looped resistance bands. It’s time to share.  

I want to personally invite you to join me for the "First Every" 45 Day Virtual Band Fit Camp starting June 21st.

For 45 Days, you and I are going to workout together as I take you through 24 proven Band Workouts I have perfected while coaching 100’s of active adults through over 4000 workouts.  

Here is YOUR Camp Workout Plan for 45 Days 

Each week after completing a progressive 10-min flow warm up, which you will be shown, I will take you through 1 of 4 RBT exclusive workouts designed to build strength and improve muscle definition, increase joint mobility, increase muscle flexibility, improve dynamic balance and metabolic conditioning. Plus each week there will be a BONUS 15 to 20 minute Weekly Camp Coaching Session on your off day where Dave will address “HOW TO” deal with common injuries, programming struggles or ways to improve your workouts.

The Weekly Routine

Day 1

Weekly Check In

Day 2

Chest - Back & A Finisher Workout

Day 3

Quick Cardio - Legs - Butt & Core Workout

Days 4

Weekly Camp Coaching Session


Day 5

Shoulders - Arms & A Finisher Workout

Day 6

Total Body Metcon Melt-Down Workout

Day 7

Recovery and Catch Up Day

Camp Starts June 21st

Each Camp workout will provide participants with:

  1. Specific exercise instructions including on the fly easy to follow coaching modifications to ensure the workout fits your fitness skill level
  2. The exact sets, reps and rounds for a beginner, intermediate and sometimes advanced fitness level
  3. A printable “at a glance” PDF workout sheet to have available in your workout area if needed
  4. Band setup and helpful training tip videos
  5. A workout check in to keep you accountable
  6. The ability to view on any portable device or laptop computer

Also… Don’t be surprised if for some workouts, you and Dave actually train together for the entire workout!!!

Along with the workouts, Dave will also address the following topics during his Weekly Camp Coaching Session

Week 1How to Get Mobility into Every Workout

Week 2 - 4 Steps to Making Your Shoulders Feel Great

Week 3Low Back Bullet Proofing 

Week 4 - 4 Steps to Eliminating Nagging Knee Pain

Week 5 - 4 Ways to Attack Your Hip Mobility 

Week 6 - Designing Your Own Fun & Efficient Workouts Anywhere

Equipment Needed for the Band Fit Camp

Small or Medium

Band Package


Kit Package

13" Green

Dynamic Stabilizer

(Links to purchase these online will be provided in an email once you have submitted your registration)

Optional but not necessary 

1 Pair of DBs, a Towel, and a 5-foot piece of PVC Pipe or a Wooden Dowel

Who Should Join Dave for the Band Fit Camp?

Over 20 years of training large groups with bands, my demographics have included 60% - 40% gals to guys. Ages have ranged from 18 to 72 years of age. Most participants exercised with Dave 2 times per week and once on their own. 

Everyone could walk, squat to chair, reach overhead, and could support themselves in a push up position. If you can give Dave that, camp is for you.

This 45 Day Band Fit Camp will take you through a progressive workout program 4 times per week for 6 straight weeks.

Each workout will have a beginner, intermediate, and sometimes advanced level ready for you to choose from. All you do is show up at Band Camp Headquarters 4 days per week ready to train for 30 to 50 minutes.

Registration is Closed for this year's Fit Camp

Early Bird Sign Up through June 17th

Camp Starts June 21st

Band Gym Members access now for only $39.99. Purchase via a special link accessed by logging into your Band Gym account.

Non-Band Gym Member

Pricing is $69.99.

Those that are able to complete the entire 45 Day Fit Camp will have:

  • Completed 24 RBT Workouts
  • Mastered over 40 RBT exercises using over 10 different RBT setups
  • The ability to train all aspects of fitness with RBT
  • Increased strength, flexibility, balance and agility
  • The ability use a 13” band to develop better balance and agility strength
  • The knowledge to create their own customizable RBT workouts
  • A level 2 fitness enthusiasts mastery of RBT



My goals with RBT are to be in better shape and more fit. I love lifting weights but I'm 52 years old and the weights beat me up now. I can't lift as heavy or often with weight training. I was a fan of Lifelineusa cables and still do like them but after picking up some flat bands a few years ago I much prefer the bands to the cables. I've been following and watching your videos for about 10 years now and although I've seen a couple of people training with bands on the internet now, they don't compare to the tremendous information /content that I've seen you put out. I look forward to working with the bands and some bodyweight exercises thrown into the mix. You are truly the band master and I would like to thank you for all the great info you put out. I've been wanting to try the Quantum bands for some time now so here we are, thank you again Mr Dave "The Band Master" Schmitz.


Joseph Vendetti

RBT Enthusiasts

Hi Dave,


Another aspect that puts RBT at the top is you're a Physical Therapist. That knowledge, experience, and expertise sets your work well ahead of whatever else is out there.


Tim Hoyt

RBT Customer and Enthusiasts



Absolutely! You know it when you see it, and you’re it!  In addition to great bands, the never ending array of quality exercises and routines are fantastic. Your positive teaching and encouragement is the topper.


I’m 66 and started in mid-February and am enjoying the gains in strength and flexibility. An old iliopsoas injury/condition has dramatically improved. My golf game is thanking you.


My wife Kathy, 65, taught Phys. Ed. For 37 years, retired 2 years ago and was ready to have a knee replacement April 1. Fortunately, Covid-19 delayed that operation. She started the bands in March, not being able to spin and body pump at the gym, and is now an avid fan. Squats and lunges were a killer to start (for us both). Her knee is no longer bothering her, and if this continues, will not need the replacement. I think strength, mobility and stabilization are big factors.


We walk 18 holes of golf in CT (not flat) twice each week. And, this week bicycled 26 miles on a rail trail for our first rid of the season. Enjoying the activity and still feeling great when done is our proof!


Many Thanks,

Steve & Kathy Miller 

Major RBT Community Enthusiasts

I started training with "round" bands a number of years ago, when I found myself on the road. I always trained at home, if I trained at all. Mostly, I jogged. As much as I tried, I never "took" to weights. I have a small barbell/dumbbell weight set but when I tried to train with them I'd get too fatigued after a couple of months.  Also, I just didn't enjoy them. When I got older, I couldn't even do a number of basic lifts without pain. When I discovered you, Dave, and tried flat rubber bands, along with your workout programs, I finally learned what training is supposed to be like. And, I like it. Thanks, so much. I am a healthy 70 year old non-athlete who's just trying to stay in shape for life.



RBT Enthusiasts


Q: Can I do the Camp if I have knee, low back or shoulder issues?

A: We won’t know until you try. The good news is, I will refund your entire camp registration fee if you feel the camp is not for you.

Q: How is the Band Fit Camp different from the RBT 28 Day Challenge?

A: The Challenge was a combination of exercise and education. The Fit Camp is a workout camp that will push you to get better each week for 6 total weeks.

Q: When does camp start?

A: Camp starts June 21st.

Q: Do You have to take the 28 Day Challenge before participating in The Band Fit Camp?

A: No, but you should be actively exercising at some level each week

Q: Is this available to Band Gym Members for FREE?

A: No, it is not but as an active Band Gym Member you are provided a 60% discounted on your camp registration fee. The registration link is available inside the member's area.

Q: Will this be in The Band Gym when it is completed?

A: I am presently not planning on putting the Band Fit Camp into the Band Gym, however some of the workouts we do are included in other programs inside The Band Gym.

Q: Why is there a difference in cost between Band Gym Members and Non-Members?

A: Membership has its benefits.

Q: What bands and other equipment will I need for the camp?

A: I list it above. Click here to review.

Q: Do I need to be actively involved in a workout routine?

A: Considering you will be asked to workout, it will be to your benefit to be exercising for at least 3 or 4 weeks prior to the camp starting.

Q: Will we be using weights with bands?

A: Weights will be included in some of the intermediate or advanced workout progressions periodically throughout the camp. 

Q: Do I get a refund if I find I can’t physically do the camp?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Sign Up through June 17th

Band Gym Members access now for only $39.99. Purchase via a special link accessed by logging into your Band Gym account.

Non-Band Gym Members

Pricing is $69.99.

Registration is Closed for this year's Fit Camp

I look forward to working with you very soon.

Coach Dave Schmitz